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Do I Need a Lawyer or Representative?

The best course is to have competent representation before going into a hearing. Better yet, speak with me before you even apply. Yes, you may know someone who won “on their own”, without representation. The price of losing because of ignorance far exceeds the expense of winning because your representative knew the pitfalls. In fact, in most situations, I work for free unless you win. My fee is based on what you get paid, and has to be approved by the Social Security Administration, so you aren’t surprised. Generally the amount is 25% of your back due benefit, or less, as the government sets a fee cap should you receive a very large amount of retroactive benefits. Currently, the cap is such that you do not owe fees for anything you receive over $24,000.00.

There is no charge for a consultation. I can help you sort through some of the tough decisions. There may be a best time to apply, or factors that need to be addressed before you start. You may not know if you would not be eligible, or you may think you are and lack some very basic criteria to be entitled to benefits.

I want my clients to work and focus on their health. I tell them to let me worry about the case. Of course, it may be unrealistic because of the financial burdens of losing an income, increased medical expenses, and simply adapting to different ways of doing things with a disability. I’ll do your paperwork, review your files, prepare you case to give it the best possible chance of winning as quickly as feasible. More importantly, I will answer your questions and guide you through the process. Even after your case is won and you’ve been paid. I welcome those occasional questions that sometimes come years later.