Paul G.

“I became disabled with crohn’s after working a full time career of 23 years. A medical emergency had placed me in the hospital for nearly two months. During the recuperation period of time in the hospital, my health improved enough to return home, but not enough to return to work. Suddenly, my life had turned in a direction that was never anticipated or planned; diagnosed with crohn’s disease and not able to work. How was I going to pay my daily living expenses and financially support myself??? Family members and friends were very caring and understanding, but they knew that I needed professional guidance. The response was consistent; contact someone who has professional knowledge and experience with individuals like myself who became disabled and are faced with the exhausting challenge of managing through long and complex process of Social Security Disability. I called my attorney and explained my disabled condition; without wasting anytime, he immediately informed me that I need someone who specializes in SSD; he referred me to Mary Perry. At a time in my life when I was physically weak, mentally distraught and not knowing what was going to happen; I called Mary and briefly explained myself and made an appointment to meet with her. When I went to her office, Mary listened to my story, asked me some questions and helped me understand the magnitude of confusion that I was enduring. Although, my life had a drastic change from “able to disable”, I was treated me with respect and dignity. As we finished our meeting, Mary assured me that she will represent me professionally with integrity and confidence. She handled all of the legal matters associated with the SSD application process, i.e. contacting doctors, medical reports and social security dates and documents. When I left Mary’s office, I felt as if the “world was lifted from my shoulders”. Her expertise and guidance gave me confirmation that I had made the right choice to have Mary Perry represent me. From that time on, Mary kept me informed and up to date with the status of the SSD process. It was such a relief for me to know that I Had professional support and direction throughout the SSD process from the beginning of my application to my award settlement. Thanks to Mary for her dedication and having the professional knowledge to strongly represent my case; my life is manageable, healthy, and I am able to properly care for my young daughter and myself.”