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Does a Representative Improve the Chances of Winning Disability? An experienced Social Security Disability attorney or advocate can help improve your case by ensuring all paperwork and evidence is handled properly.

Even at the initial claim and reconsideration levels, a disability representative can often improve the chances of winning your SSD or SSI case. The disability representative will file all of your paperwork, ensure that deadlines are not missed, and provide medical record updates to the Social Security office, or directly to the DDS examiner who has been assigned to review the case.

Why does having a representative help? Because the regulations that govern the Social Security Administration’s disability program are complex enough that the average person will simply not know how to prepare their Social Security disability case properly for a hearing. Disability representatives are very famililar with what evidence wins and loses cases and they know how particular judges work. They will fully develop your case before going into a hearing so that they are prepared to ask the vocational expert the right questions and you are prepared to give the right answers when the judge questions you. 

Sometimes representatives can help you win your case without even waiting for a hearing. In what’s called an on-the-record (OTR) review, a hearing officer at Social Security’s ODAR can review and decide a disability claim in your favor if there’s enough evidence in your file.